Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pulau Perhentian, My Valentine

The endless road to Terengganu.

Went Terengganu - Pulau Perhentian for our Valentine's day and 'Chap Goh Meh' as well. A great memory with my love one. The best Valentine's gift i've ever had. Thanks for it so much. Appreciated it so much too.

The journey took 5 - 6 or 7 hours. We depart from Ipoh, Cameron road then straight head towards Gua Musang, Kuala Krai, Machang, Jerteh and Kuala Besut - the jetty to Pulau Perhentian. Pity my Him drove for long hours and yet he wont allowed me to drive ! wee. 

famous Zul Ikan Bakar @ Terengganu

Tho waited for hour, but worth it ! It's a MUST try food. Especially the squid. HUGE! =)

Crystal clear water @ Pulau Perhentian Jetty

famous Amelia cafe @ Pulau Perhentian

A very nice environment at night, we had our dinner with friends from Spain and Chile. Back-packers as well. Salute for their courage on travelling alone. and i really do mean ALONE. But they are two very nice persons. Real nice.Maybe next year when my Him fulfilled his dream to bring me to Pulau Kapas we will meet this Spain lady again. =) 

By the way, recommended to have the BBQ set dinner at Amelia's. I've fell in love with their designated sauce - Amelia sauce, and also the coconut sauce where my Him super-duper in love with. There's a lot choices of seafood - Lobster, King fish, Stingray, squid, Barracuda and much more 'rare items' which i dont know what is it. lol

Sunset @ Coral Bay

Another beautiful scenery at Pulau Perhentian, the sunset. Sunset will be spotted at Coral Bay, where as sunrise will be at Long Beach. In order to get to the Long beach, we need to hike for 10 minutes from Coral Bay.

(Photo borrowed)

Owh, yes. SEA TURTLES ! You wont going to regret taking a snorkeling trip there. we get to see sea turtles. I still cant believe that i actually jump in the sea, yes, middle of the SEA, the South China Sea. Tho i couldnt get to snap a photo of the sea turtles. They are CUTE! We went snorkeling at Coral Garden, Shark point, Turtle point and light-house. Owh, and dont forget the beautiful Romantic Beach we went. That was the prettiest beach i've ever seen. Best for lovers ! wee.

(Photo borrowed)
Romantic Beach @ Pulau Perhentian

A photo of Romantic Beach, the last stop on our snorkeling trip. And the name is perfect, as there wasnt another coul in sight, we were treated to a long stretch of perfect white sand, and crystal clear waters full of fish, coral, sharks, and stingrays. Good stuff. Said Koppers.

Well, there are a lot of great stuffs and all captured in my phone. Hope i didnt missed any one of it. I've uploaded quite a numbers of photos on my - Facebook -. By the way, the only thing that i cant adapt was the electricity problem. Some chalets even cut the electricity from 7am to 7pm. And guess what, we gotta sleep on the beach under the coconut tree ! =) Tho not so convenient without current, yet it's a great experience napping on the beach. =)

'Cam-whoring'. Making fun. =)

Anyhow, it's a great tourism spot. Nice scenery, people are friendly, and i bet you wont regret on going there. I've enjoyed mine, this 4 days 3 nights stay at Terengganu, how about yours? This is way much clearer and cleaner beach compared to Pulau Pangkor or Penang Island. And i love it so much. =) Thanks for bringing me there and thanks for the memory. Love~

Personally, i like this photo. My Him is soooo- photogenic ! wee.

Cheers readers. =)

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